Thursday, 6 October 2011

Press- Hothouse 2011, Designed and Made

Press- Hothouse 2011, Design Initiative

Press- Hothouse 2011, The Crafts Council

The partners for Hothouse 2011 are; Cleveland College of Art & Design, Design Initiative, Designed & Made (North cohort), Arts University College Bournemouth, Bath Spa University, University College Falmouth (South West cohort) and The Goldsmith’s Institute (The Goldsmith’s cohort).


I would like to say a big thank you to Ulf K Nordensons Stiftelse for Crafts in wood.
I am very happy and grateful that they decided to support my work by awarding me with a grant.

This grant will be used for developing and presenting my work for my exhibition at Mora Kulturhus in Sweden, December 2011- February 2012.

The support will also go towards travelling in UK during my paricipation in The Crafts Councils exciting programme for emerging makers, "Hothouse 2011".