Hanna Nielsen born in Sweden 1981.


2008-2011 Middlesex University. First Class Honours BA Jewellery and Accessories .

2006-2008 University of Bergen, Norway, Cultural studies.

2004-2005 Engelsholm Kunsthøjskole, Denmark. Preschool: glassblowing, jewellery, sculpture.

1997-2000 Ållebergsgymnasiet, Sweden, goldsmith education.

Work experience

Spring 2010 Nasir Mazhar, milliner. Assistant to make the collection for London fashion week, spring 2010.

2006-2008 “Atelier Pudder57”. I had a workspace in an atelier together with seven other artists.

1997-2000 Bernd Janush, silversmith.

Solo exhibitions

17/12-2011 - 17/2-2012 "Sound Wear" Cultural Centre in Mora, Sweden.

12/6-27/8-2010 “Response- Contemporary Jewellery by Hanna Nielsen, objects, video and photography”, cultural centre in Mora, Sweden.

Group exhibitions
2013 “Far out: Jewellery for the Senses”. Museum of Art and Design, New York.

14/3-20/3- 2012 “Talente”, International Competition in Applied Arts, Munich, Germany.

29/6-2/7-2011 “New Designers”, graduate show, London.

3/6-6/6- 2011 “Platform”, Art & Design degree show. Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London.

7/5-9/5- 2010 “Somewhere in Between”, MODA (Museum of Domestic Art and Design), London.

Summer 2005 Hojskolernes Hus in Copenhagen, Denmark.


2012 Talente, International Competition in Applied Arts, Munich, Germany.

2011 Ulf K Nordensons stiftele, grant.

2011 Crafts Council, Hothouse Designer Maker Development Programme. Hothouse provides with a programme of focussed, intensive business skills and creative development, complimented with 1:1 support over a six month period.

2008 Isabella Blow Memorial Scholarship. The Scholarship on £5000, is open to all first year fashion students at Middlesex, and is supported by award-winning couture milliner Philip Treacy. The brief was to use a part of the body, adapting it in some way to isolate or frame it.

1997-2000 Otto Säfströms Minnesfond.